Rental support service

Are you a landlord looking for a suitable tenant?

We can save you time and reduce the hassle of finding a tenant. If you want to avoid ever-increasing letting agent’s fees and advertising costs, our Housing Access Team offers free service for landlords.


Why should you use this service?

Our free service offers you

  • Tenant ‘RIGHT to RENT’ checks
  • Property assessments
  • Tenancy-ready clients
  • Deposit & Rent in advance
  • Housing Benefit paid directly to you
  • Tenancy advice & support
  • Absolutely no fees, costs or charges

All we need from you is to have properties in Exeter and the surrounding area which meet current legal requirements.


How does the service work?

Our service aims to improve access to affordable private rented accommodation for people on low income and/or in receipt of Housing Benefit.

We assess our clients’ housing needs and options and ensure suitable clients are ready and able to afford and maintain their tenancy. We are able to offer financial help for rent in advance and deposit, with advice and support for both clients and landlords.

We work closely with and support landlords in finding suitable tenants, accessing resources and providing help and advice.


How to contact us

For more information or to talk to us about this free service please call 01392 265727 or 01392 265408, or send an email to

When this content has been updated

Last updated 6 November 2019