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Fees and charges

Canal and Port of Exeter fees and charges 2021/22

With effect from 1 April 2021, the following fees and charges will apply to our services. Costs may be amended for operational reasons by the Port Manager.

Please note: calculated lengths include Bumpkins, Bowsprits, Spars an other extensions fixed.


Mooring on River Exe Bight or Turf Buoy per day (or part thereof)

Mooring fees
Vessel typeFee (£)VAT @20% (£)Total charge (£)
Commercial/ Qualifying Vessel 53.05 - 53.05
Recreational vessels enroute to the Canal or Topsham Quay 13.25 2.65 15.90


Due on private recreational vessels

Private recreational vessels
LocationFee (£)VAT @20% (£)Total charge (£)
Canal or Basin (including Turf) 10.75 2.15 12.90
Topsham Quay (booking deposit required - minimum period of stay will apply) 13.25 2.65 15.90
Topsham mooring off pontoon per metre (six months minimum) under 5m 77.25 15.45 92.70
  • Multihull Vessels Add 25%
  • Storage Ashore After 12 months an additional 25% per quarter cumulative


Canal Lock In/Out

Monday to Friday 08.00 until 15.00, or at other times with prior agreement with the Operations Manager, costs by negotiation.

Canal Lock In/Out
ServiceFee (£)VAT @20% (£)Total charge (£)
Weekday Locking in or out at Turf (pro rata Convoy Rates may apply) 48.62 9.73 58.35
Cancellation of booking 30.96 6.19 37.15


Single Canal Lock In/Out

For winter storage customers Lock In/Out is free on the advertised dates.


Winter Storage

Special while season mooring offer

Winter Storage
ServiceFee (£)VAT @ 20% (£)Total charge (£)
Canal or Basin min 5 months paid in advance includes Locking & Transit with Convoy (per Metre) 51.58 10.32 61.90


Visiting Vessels

Mooring and Berths per day or part, mooring alongside per day (max. 4 weeks in any year).

Location Fee (£) VAT @20% (£) Total charge (£)
Turf weekdays (min charge period 2 days) per day inclusive of Locking 19.46 3.89 23.35
Turf 'weekend' (in Friday / out Monday) inclusive of Locking 50.00 10.00 60.00
Topsham Quay per day 10.63 2.12 12.75

Electricity, water and waste disposal are charged at cost + 20%.



Lifting in or lifting out.

Please note: cradle or legs on keel boats are compulsory

ServiceFee (£)VAT @20% (£)Total charge (£)
Banksman supervision for cranage per boat - Craning event 30.00 6.00 36.00
Hire of cradles per (boat) metre per month or part 3.08 0.62 3.70


Storage and Labour

Labour charges are for assistance or supervision where not included in other charges.

Storage and Labour
ServiceFee (£)VAT @20% (£)Total charge (£)
Storage of masts ashore (per period up to 12 months) 66.29 13.26 79.55
Labour per half hour 28.83 5.77 34.60
Labour per half hour with use of boat 48.92 9.78 58.70



For non commercial events use please refer to the Port Service Manager

ServiceFee (£)VAT @20% (£)Total charge (£)
Hire of Pontoon/Unifloat per day (or part thereof) 84.00 16.80 100.80
storage of containers & cradles 10.63 2.12 12.75


Exeter Port Authority Marine Services

Exeter Port Authority Marine Services
DescriptionFee (£)VAT @20% (£)Total charge (£)
Service of a mooring 92.71 18.54 111.25
Winterise mooring (to include storage) 50.46 10.09 60.55
General labour per half hour 28.83 5.77 34.60
Hire of mooring boat with helm and crew per hour 97.83 19.57 117.40
Telehandler with driver. Suitable for moving boats and drying mooring blocks. Per hour 154.00 30.90 185.40
Telehandler with driver. Suitable for moving boats and drying mooring blocks. Per day 515.00 103.00 618.00


Please also see our full list of fees and charges.

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