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3. Clifton Hill Sports Centre

Clifton Hill Sports Centre: latest update

Work has taken place to ensure Exeter’s Clifton Hill Sports Centre site is safely secured.

We have a responsibility to make the building safe and secure and minimise the opportunities for any anti-social behaviour in the area.

Contractors secured all entrances and windows and additionally, to secure the car park and prevent unwanted vehicle access, boulders are due to be installed across the entrance.

Councillors recently backed a recommendation to permanently close the leisure centre after a report revealed that the cost to repair the centre would be prohibitive and would not extend the life of the current building.

The centre was badly damaged in the unprecedented snow falls earlier in the year, which exacerbated existing problems.

The council, as the freeholder, has a duty to prevent unauthorised occupation, vandalism and anti-social behaviour at the site.

Councillors have previously been advised that the site could be sold to create much-needed new housing. Proceeds raised through the sale would be used to modernise and upgrade facilities at the city’s other leisure centres.

A detailed feasibility study is now underway which will present options back to members through the democratic process on the future use of the site.

Other users of the site, including Exeter Ski Club and golf driving range, remain unaffected by the closure of the leisure centre and are open for business as usual.

View the minutes of the 12 July Executive meeting HERE