Weddings at the Guildhall

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1. Weddings and Civil Partnerships

Image: Special Wedding Day Photos

Over 800 years of history

The Guildhall has served as the centrepiece of Exeter's civic life for more than 800 years and has now opened its large oak doors for Weddings and Civil Partnerships.

One of the oldest buildings in Exeter, the Guildhall is not only a structure of outstanding architectural interest, but remains a busy working building, still used regularly for a variety of civic functions

Many of the dramatic events of Exeter's history were played out here. Since the Middle Ages Kings have been received and entertained here. Here the Tudor Chamber met to take action against rebellious armies outside the city walls, and determined the city's course as it rose to commercial prosperity; men and women had been sentenced to the gallows or deported from here; Lord Mayors have been elected; Members of Parliament have been chosen; Honorary Aldermen were appointed… now you too can make history.

Why not get married in the Great Hall while Portraits of various historic figures look over you while you say “I Will”. With high stained glass windows, dark wooden panels, a fine brass chandelier what more could you ask for a medieval venue.

If you are looking for a more intimate ceremony why not walk down the ‘aisle’ in our Jury Room, whose walls are lined with 17th-century panelling taken from St Catharine’s Priory. You will make your vows where once Jurymen would deliberate the guilt or innocence of a defendant

From tying the knot to renewing your vows you have come to the right venue. So why not add your special day to the record books and become part of the Guildhalls history.