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Current Local Plan Written Statement

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1. Introduction


1.1 The Exeter Local Plan First Review 1995 – 2011 replaces the Exeter Local Plan First Alteration, adopted November 1993, and the Exeter Local Plan Second Alteration, adopted November 1997, as the statutory local plan for the City.

1.2 The Local Plan First Review has been prepared in accordance with:

Central Government Advice

Regional Planning Guidance to 2011

Devon County Structure Plan First Review to 2011

Regional and Local Economic Development Strategies

1.3 Government policy is set out in Planning Policy Guidance (PPG)/Planning Policy Statements (PPS) and Regional Planning Guidance (RPG). PPGs/PPSs are material considerations which must be taken into account where relevant in decisions on planning applications.

1.4 In the course of preparing the Local Plan First Review, the Secretary of State for the Environment issued Regional Planning Guidance for the South West, September 2001, which provides for the period 1996-2016.

1.5 The Devon County Structure Plan First Review 1995-2011 was approved in February 1999. This covered such matters as the level of need and broad location of new housing and employment sites and policies for shopping, transport and the improvement of the environment. The Structure Plan First Review was superseded by the Structure Plan Alteration 2001 – 2016, approved October 2004.


The Form of the Plan

1.6 The Plan has been prepared by Exeter City Council under the rules for preparation, adoption and public consultation set out in the Planning and Compensation Act 1991 and Planning Policy Guidance Note 12. The Plan consists of this Written Statement and the Proposals Map which includes a City Centre Inset. The Written Statement describes and justifies the policies and proposals and the Proposals Map illustrates the areas to which specific policies or proposals apply.

1.7 The policies and proposals have been designed to be realistic in terms of their implementation and have taken into account the limited powers available to the City Council and the primary concern of the Local Plan First Review to provide guidance on proposals to build on land or change its use.

1.8 The broad context and justification for the policies and proposals is set out in the relevant topic chapters but the key proposals are presented together to highlight the areas where major change is proposed.

1.9 Each policy and proposal in the Written Statement is distinguished by means of capitals and a reference number and is preceded by a reasoned justification. All of the policies have been cross-referenced as far as possible. This recognises the fact that many policies cannot be neatly categorised into sections but can be expressed in different ways according to how the problems and issues are considered. It is important to remember, therefore, that each policy is not necessarily self-contained.

1.10 Although the Local Plan First Review policies and proposals may refer to specific sites or areas within the City, many relate to the whole City Council area. In the case of development proposals for specific sites, only those which the City Council consider are realistic are included as proposals in this Written Statement. Some areas are not subject to any specific policies or proposals. These are indicated on the Proposals Map, for information, as areas where the existing use is likely to continue.

1.11 In the event of a contradiction between the Written Statement and the Proposals Map, the provisions of the Written Statement prevail.


Supporting Documents

1.12 The Plan is supported by the following documents:

Sustainability Appraisal - which assesses the environmental implications of the policies and proposals and seeks to ensure that environmental considerations are fully taken into account.

Urban Capacity Study - which assesses the extent to which development can be accommodated on vacant land or on underused land and buildings in the urban area.

Landscape Evaluation - which assesses the landscape qualities of greenfield areas around the City.

1.13 In addition there are a number of consultants reports which concern particular topics. These include:

Housing Needs Study (2001) : Fordham Research

Housing Needs Study Update (2003) : Fordham Research

Retail Study Update 1999: Hillier Parker

Retail Study (2004) : CBRE

Commercial Leisure Study (1999): Deloitte and Touche


Supplementary Planning Guidance/Documents

1.14 Although the Local Plan First Review represents a comprehensive statement of the City Council’s policies and proposals relating to development and other use of land, there will also be a continuing need for supplementary advice. This will provide greater detail, than is appropriate for inclusion in the local plan, on how certain policies and proposals should be implemented and the main planning considerations to be taken into account. Usually this will take the form of design guides or development briefs.