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Community infrastructure levy (CIL)

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3. CIL rates and calculation of liability

The CIL charging schedule sets out the chargeable rates.

The levy is charged in pounds (£) per square metre on new floor space. This is measured as gross internal area. For any given development the rates are shown in the table below.

The gross internal area of any existing buildings on the site that are going to be demolished or re-used (ie: conversion or change of use) can be deducted from the total floor space granted planning permission. This ensures that the CIL liability is only applied to new floor space over and above what is already on a site.

For this to apply, CIL Regulations require that a part of the existing building has to have been in use for a continuous period of at least 6 months in the 3 years prior to when planning permission first permits development. If this provision is not met the CIL liability is applied to the total gross floor space granted planning permission.

All liability notices will be adjusted in accordance with the national all-in tender price index for the year when planning permission is granted for the development. The index for a given year is the figure for 1 November for the preceding year in the national all-in tender price index. The index is published by the building cost information service of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

For planning permissions granted in 2023, the multiplier based on the index is 355/224. The resulting CIL rates for this and previous years are shown below.  

CIL Rates
PeriodResidentialPurpose built student housingOut of city centre retail
Rate in charging schedule  £80.00 £40.00 £125.00
Rate for permission granted 2014 £87.20 £43.60 £136.25
Rate for permission granted 2015 £90.80 £45.40 £141.87
Rate for permission granted 2016 £98.96 £49.48 £154.62
Rate for permission granted 2017 £102.14 £51.07 £159.60
Rate for permission granted 2018 £111.79 £55.89 £174.67
Rate for permission granted 2019 £113.57 £56.79 £177.46
Rate for permission granted 2020 £119.29 £59.64 £186.38
Rate for permission granted 2021 £118.93 £59.46 £185.83
Rate for permission granted 2022 £118.57 £59.29 £185.27
Rate for permission granted 2023 £126.79 £63.39 £198.10