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Find and comment on a planning application

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2. What you can make comments about

Only comments on planning matters can be considered and any comments we think are personal or inappropriate may be removed.

Relevant planning matters include

  • National and local planning policies
  • Effect of the proposed development on the appearance of an area
  • Quality of design and how the proposal fits in
  • Significant overbearing impact and loss of sunlight and daylight (e.g. significant overshadowing from a new building)
  • Loss of privacy to neighbouring properties
  • Economic benefits of the proposal
  • Effect on parking, traffic and highway safety issues
  • Significant increase in noise and general disturbance
  • Loss of important trees or impact on wildlife
  • Intrusion into the countryside
  • Impact on historic buildings or structures

 Concerns which are not normally relevant to the planning process

  • Loss or harm to a private view
  • Loss of property value
  • Breach of private covenant
  • Loss of trade to a competitor
  • Level of profit a developer might make
  • Personal circumstances of the applicant (other than in exceptional cases)
  • Character of the applicant
  • Nuisance caused by building works
  • Moral objections (e.g. to uses such as amusement arcades and betting offices)
  • Boundary or neighbour disputes
  • Conflict with private access

Anybody can comment. You do not need to have a direct interest in the application site or be a neighbour. You can support as well as object to a proposal.

Remember that all comments received are open to public inspection and may be repeated in other public documents. However, your signature, telephone number or email address will not be shown.