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Monitoring and evidence base

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1. Local development scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) specifies the planning policy documents that are to be prepared by Exeter City Council and the timetables for their preparation.  The planning policy documents includes the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan and the Development Delivery DPD.

May 2020 update

Please note the following updates to the Local Development Scheme:

  • The timetable set out below for the preparation of the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan has been revised due to the impact of Covid-19. Consultation on Site Options and Draft policies has been postponed from June 2020 until September 2020.

  • The timetable set out below for the preparation of the Exeter Development Delivery Plan has been revised due to the impacts of Covid-19. Consultation on Scoping and Issues has been postponed from September 2020 until March 2021.

  • The timetable set out below for the preparation of the Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document has been revised due to the impact of Covid-19. Consultation on the Draft has been postponed from July 2020 until January 2021.

  • Work on the Code for Sustainable Homes Supplementary Planning Document has paused pending the outcome of the Government’s Future Homes Standard consultation. The position and timetable will be reviewed once the results of the Government’s consultation are published.


The Exeter Local Development Scheme

Greater Exeter Strategic Plan

The Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP) will cover the local planning authority areas of East Devon, Exeter, Mid Devon and Teignbridge (ie those Councils’ administrative areas excluding Dartmoor National Park). It will be prepared jointly by those four local planning authorities with the support of Devon County Council under Section 28 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act. It will:

  • set an overall vision and strategy for the area in the context of national and other high level policy and in particular climate emergency declarations and the NPPF;

  • contain policies and proposals for strategic and cross boundary issues where these are best dealt with at a larger-than-local scale;

  • set the overall amount of growth for the period 2020 – 2040;

  • promote the Liveable Exeter vision by allocating urban regeneration sites in the city;

  • implement the overall vision and strategy by allocating strategic sites of 500 or more homes which may include urban extensions and new settlements; and

  • provide districts’ local plans with targets for non-strategic development.


Once adopted it will supersede specified strategic parts of the East Devon Local Plan, Exeter Core Strategy, Exeter Local Plan First Review, Mid Devon Local Plan (once adopted), Teignbridge Local Plan Parts 1 and 2 and any other Development Plan Documents as necessary.

The preparation timetable is as follows:

  • Site Options and Draft Policies – June 2020

  • Draft Plan Consultation – November 2020

  • Publication (Proposed Submission) – February 2022

  • Submission – to the Secretary of State July 2022

  • Examination – September 2022

  • Adoption – April 2023


Exeter Development Delivery Plan

Exeter City Council has already made significant progress with the Development Delivery Plan. Once sufficient progress has been made with the GESP, the Development Delivery Plan can be revised, updated and moved forward to adoption. The Development Delivery Plan will be in general conformity with the GESP and will supplement its contents by:

  • allocating land for new development;

  • designating land for protection or safeguarding and identifying land where specific policies apply;

  • containing ‘development management’ policies that will be used to determine whether planning applications submitted to the Council should be granted planning permission; and

  • including other policies and proposals as necessary.

Once adopted, the Development Delivery Plan will superseded specified policies and proposals in the Exeter Local Plan First Review. The Exeter Core Strategy (adopted 2012) and the Exeter Local Plan First Review (adopted 2005) are likely to be fully superseded by a combination of the GESP and Exeter Development Delivery Plan.

It is proposed to run the Development Delivery Plan timetable behind, but overlapping with, the GESP timetable. The timetable for the Development Delivery Plan is as follows:

  • Scoping/Issues consultation – September 2020

  • Draft Plan Consultation - July 2021

  • Publication (Proposed Submission) – October 2022

  • Submission to the Secretary of State – March 2023

  • Examination – May 2023

  • Adoption – January 2024


Code for Sustainable Homes Supplementary Planning Document

This SPD will amplify policies CP13, CP14 and CP15 of the Exeter Core Strategy, giving more detailed information about how the Council expects developers to meet the requirements of those policies.

In particular, the SPD will include further details about:

  • how developers can design buildings’ internal heating systems to be compatible with, and ready to connect to, district energy networks;

  • the Council’s preferred approach to meeting the targets set out in the three policies;

  • how identified technologies (photovoltaic cells, solar heating, small scale wind turbines, ground source heat pumps and biomass heating) can be incorporated in developments; and

  • suggested approaches to achieving the performance standards for development set out in policy CP5.

The timetable for the SPD is as follows:

  • Informal Consultation (during preparation) – March 2020

  • Draft Consultation – July 2020

  • Adoption – January 2021


Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document

A new Planning Obligation SPD will be prepared to amplify policy CP18 of the Core Strategy. The SPD will replace the existing 2014 Planning Obligations SPD. Its preparation will take place alongside a review of the Councils’ Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule.

Along with other documents such as the Council’s Annual Infrastructure Funding Statement, the SPD will provide the parameters for negotiating Section 106 Agreements.

The timetable for the SPD is as follows:

  • Draft Consultation – July 2020

  • Adoption – March / April 2021


Our Local Development Scheme document is also available to download.