Monitoring and evidence base

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1. Local development scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) specifies the documents that will form the Local Plan and sets out the timetable for their preparation.

A new LDS is now available:

Local Development Scheme July 2018


Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP)

Following the Local Authority Elections in May 2019, discussions have been held and the four GESP Councils have informally agreed on a new timetable for the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan. The proposed revised timetable is:

  • Site Options and Draft Policies – June 2020
  • Draft Plan – November 2020
  • Publication (Proposed Submission) – February 2022
  • Submission – July 2022
  • Examination – September 2022
  • Adoption – April 2023

Our Local Development Scheme will be updated as soon as possible to reflect this proposed new timetable.