Members Allowances & Expenses

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2. Other allowances

Dependants 'Carers' Allowance

Allowance in line with the living wage offered to the lowest paid City Council employee of £8.45ph, retaining the uplift of the standard rate of income tax, thus increasing the hourly rate to £10.15 per hour (or part), with effect  1 April 2017, i.e. payable to Councillors whilst on "approved duties", in accordance with our Constitution.

Travel and Subsistence

The officers' scheme of travel and subsistence allowances should continue to apply to Members where appropriate.

Independent Persons

A sum of £50 will be paid to the Independent Persons affiliated to the Audit & Governance Committee for up to four hours work, and £100 for four hours and over (up to a maximum of £500 per person in any one year).