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Smoke control areas

Some parts of Exeter are Smoke Control Areas. Inside these areas, home owners and businesses must not release smoke from a chimney. People in these areas must also ensure that they either:

  1. only burn a fuel which has been tested and shown to be 'smokeless'
  2. install a stove that has been designed and shown to operate as 'smokeless'

Please see this list of all the fuels and stoves that have been approved for use in a Smoke Control Area.

You can use the map below to see if your property is in a Smoke Control Area. The Smoke Control Areas are marked in red. You can zoom and scroll to your area and click on the map or type your postcode into the search box.

You can also see further Government advice for the owners of all fires and stoves which explains how to burn without causing too much harmful smoke.

The most modern stoves meet something called the 'Eco Design Standard'. These burn more cleanly than older stoves. We recommend that anyone buying a new stove chooses one that meets this standard, whether they live in a Smoke Control Area or not.

If you would like more information on smoke control areas or are having trouble using the map then please contact us using our Report an Environmental Health Issue form.


Smoke control area map


Named smoke control areas

The following list shows the names we've given to each Smoke Control Area. If you are having trouble using the map then please contact us online to see if your property is within one of the control areas.

  • Alphington Rural No.2
  • Barton
  • Beacon Heath
  • Beacon Lane
  • Broadfields Estate
  • Browns Nurseries
  • Carlyon Gardens
  • Cowick Lane No.1
  • Cowick Lane No.2
  • Cowick Lane No.3
  • Exe Vale
  • Exhibition Fields and Pinhoe
  • Hamlin Gardens
  • Howells and Heywoods Estate
  • Iolanthe Estate
  • Monkerton
  • Pennsylvania No.1
  • Pennsylvania No.2
  • Pinhoe No.1
  • Pyne's Hill
  • Redhills and Exwick
  • Redhills No.1
  • Salmon Pool Lane
  • Sobeys Farm No.1
  • Sobeys Farm No.2
  • St. James No.1
  • St. Thomas No.1
  • St. Thomas No.2
  • Stoke Hill No.1
  • Stoke Hill No.2
  • Trews Weir
  • Whipton No.1

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