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Dogs - information and advice

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3. Stray or lost dogs

We are responsible for the recovery and kennelling of stray dogs within the city boundaries.

Please note: it is now a legal requirement for any dog over the age of 8 weeks to be microchipped. Please see the RSPCA website for more details.

Dog owners have a legal responsibility to make sure their dogs wear collars and tags and it is an offence to take a dog out without identification. The tag must show the owners name and address, although adding the telephone number will help us further. Failure to tag your dog could result in a fine of £5,000.

If we find a dog that is wearing a collar and tag every effort will be made to return the dog to its owner as soon as possible.

All owners of dogs that are found by us will be charged for the service provided.

Any dogs that cannot be identified are kennelled for 7 days. Owners claiming dogs from kennels with be charged for all kennelling costs incurred by us in addition to charges for the service provided. If the dog has not been claimed after 7 days the kennels will rehome the dog.

You can report a lost or stray dog online