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Litter enforcement

We are conducting a 12 month trial of a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) scheme for litter enforcement in the city. The following information outlines how the scheme is run.


What offences are included in your FPN Scheme?

General litter, Cigarettes, Spitting, Food waste and Chewing gum. Under Section 87/88 Environmental Protection Act 1990.


How much will you fine people for each offence?

Under section 87/88 EPA 1990 fines will be £100 for offences committed.


Is there an early payment discount?

Fines will be £100. If paid within 14 days this will be reduced to £75.


How are FPN’s issued?

If you have been seen to commit an offence, an environmental enforcement officer will approach you and identify themselves. They will caution you and let you know that your conversation is being recorded. You will be asked for identification and the FPN will be printed and issued to you. The enforcement officer will explain the FPN, the Legislation being enforced, the offence committed and how you can pay the FPN.


How do you deal with juvenile offenders?

Offenders aged 18 and over will be dealt with by way of fixed penalty notice. Offenders aged 18 and under will be dealt with by way of warning.  Please note that this age limit set by us as the legislation states that you can’t give FPN’s to under 10 year-olds.


What action is taken if offenders don’t pay?

Offenders that do not pay within the 28 day period will be taken to magistrates court and dealt with by the court process.


Can someone appeal against a FPN?

There is no formal way to appeal. If the offender does have a complaint regarding the officers conduct then this will be investigated by our team in head office. Contact 3GS.


How do you spend the money received from FPN’s?

This service is currently on a 12 month trial period and offered on a no fee basis by 3GS.  The fines will go to cover their costs and then shared with the Authority.  Should any money return to the Council it will be spent on keeping front line services such as Street Cleaning operating.


What records do you keep?

Offenders records will be kept for a minimum of 12 months. This consists of Body-Cam footage of the offender and the FPN details.


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Last updated 16 January 2024