Independent Person

Under the provisions of the Localism Act 2011, the Council is required to appoint an Independent Person to assist the Council in promoting and maintain high standards of conduct amongst its Elected Members.

All Councillors must comply with the adopted Codes of Conduct and Exeter City Council is responsible for considering complaints that Councillors may have breached their adopted Codes. Exeter City Council will seek the views of the Independent Person and take them into account before a decision is made on an allegation of misconduct by a Councillor under the Code of Conduct. The Independent Person may also be consulted by the Councillor who is the subject of the allegation.


Current appointments

Mr Ian Brooking and Professor Brian Kirby were appointed to the roles of ‘Independent Person’ for the Audit and Governance Committee with effect from 20 February 2018 for a four year term.

When this content has been updated

Last updated 14 October 2019