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1. Coronavirus update

12 April 2021 Update

With the steady relaxation of the Covid restrictions taking place, and the weather getting warmer, the allotments will become a lot busier once again. All plot holders should make sure that they are adhering to the current social distancing guidelines and still taking precautions in sanitising their hands when touching common touch points such as entrance gates and padlocks.

Visitors are now able to visit someone’s allotment to help a tenant with cultivation, however numbers should be kept to a minimum and not exceed any government limits on groups meeting outdoors.

The toilets on the allotments will still remain closed and off limits for the time being until we can be sure that they can be used safely.

Please be considerate of all other allotment holders on site, some may still be at risk, and wanting to visit their allotment while still wishing to remain as safe as possible.

5 January 2021 Update

Due to the new national lockdown that came into effect on the 5th Jan 2021 there will be some small adjustments that will have to be made regarding tenants visiting the allotments.

The allotments will remain open, much like during the first lockdown in March last year. All tenants must adhere to the current social distancing rules at all times.

A tenant may visit their allotment with members of their own household or support bubble or with one other person. These visits must be to help work or cultivate their plot and not for socialising. Access should not be given to the sites for other friends or family to use.

Those visiting the sites should only be doing so for allotment business only.

Extra care should be taken at this time when coming into contact with shared touch points, most notable access gates, and hands should be sanitised after their use.

Fortunately, this time of year is generally quite quiet on the allotments so hopefully this will not disrupt your cultivation plans too much. However, tenants are still required to keep their allotments tidy and in good condition so it is obvious that they haven't been abandoned.

Fingers crossed we will get through this soon and things will improve in the months ahead.

04 November Update

As you are aware, from Thursday 5th Nov, England will be going into another national lockdown similar to the one we had at the beginning of the year.

What this means for the allotments is that the same type of rules will be in place as there was before back in March.

The allotments will remain open for tenants to still come to work on and cultivate, as long as they are not having to self-isolate or are showing symptoms of the virus.

Only the named tenant or those family members which they live with can enter the site.

No more than two adults should be on an allotment plot at any one time.

All social distancing rules must be maintained at all times when on site.

Extra care should be taken in sanitising hands when opening and closing the entrance gates.

The toilets will remain out of bounds and should not be used under any circumstances.

Please be courteous to all your fellow allotment holders when on site, especially when it comes parking, and avoiding any congestion.

Those sites with Trading Sheds can continue to trade but the building itself should not be open to customers. An ordering and collection service will need to be in place to allow tenants to purchase anything from the shop.

Do not share tools or any other equipment with other plot holders.

Please stay on your own allotment plot when visiting the site and do not enter another plot under any circumstance.


25 August Update

Life on the allotments is getting back to normal. All tenants still need to remain vigilant in sanitising their hands after touching gates and locks, and to follow all the current social distancing measures.

Please note that the toilets on all sites remain out of bounds.


6 April Update

The Government and police have clarified that ‘local travel’ to areas for the purposes of exercise is acceptable when necessary. However, all allotment holders should still walk to their site whenever they can and only take their car if absolutely necessary.


Greater care needs to be taken when it comes to the frequency of allotment visits and how crowded the sites can become. If you do take your car and there is nowhere to park in a designated parking area on site, then you will have to return home immediately. There is strictly no parking on the tracks or anywhere that blocks access.


With the weather set to improve I am very worried about sites becoming overcrowded and the risk to tenants becoming too high. Please follow all current guidance on social distancing at all times. If sites do start to become too busy then we will look at alternative measures to make site visits safer.


30 March update

Our allotments will remain open until the City Council are instructed otherwise, as they provide valuable physical exercise opportunities and mental health support.

Social distancing must be observed and individual sites may well be closed if this is not the case.

Individuals are requested to heed the current Government advice which is to stay local and use open spaces near to your home where possible – do not travel unnecessarily. 


24 March 2020 Update

As you are aware the situation has changed regarding how much time we are to spend outside and where we are allowed to visit. The allotments are all currently open and will remain so until we are advised otherwise. Travel to and from the allotments is permitted if due precautions are taken. Visiting the site constitutes your daily exercise set out by the government.

However, any plot-holder who is self isolating because a household member is ill with corona-virus should not be visiting the site.

If there is a community or trading hut on the site then this should not be re-opened until this level of isolation has been lifted.

The toilets on site are also now off limits for use by anyone. Do not use them under any circumstances.

We ask that all tenants visiting the site also bear the following in mind;

  • Please keep your distance from other tenants to help limit the spread of the virus. Follow current government guidelines about social distancing.

  • Do not share tools or any other equipment with another plot holder.

  • Be careful after touching site gates, locks or other communal assets. Disinfect your hands after each use.

  • The use of the sites if for allotment tenants only. No groups are allowed on site and only family members that live with the tenant can enter the site if the tenant is also present.

  • Do not use the water troughs to wash hands or equipment to sterilise them. The water is for watering purposes only. Be careful not to contaminate the troughs with any soap or other chemicals.

  • Please stay on your plot at all times and do not enter another plot under any circumstances.


If you have any further questions then please contact us on


18 March 2020 Update

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the latest advice given out by the Government, the management of the Exeter City Council allotment sites will be adjusted.

There will be no plot inspections taking place across the site until further notice and no warning or eviction letters for non-cultivation will be sent out to tenants until this outbreak has passed.

We urge all our allotment holders to do what they can to their plots to help reduce the growth of weeds and grasses during this time that may overwhelm the plot if you are unable to visit for an extended period.

As a Council we will also face restrictions over the coming weeks as to what we are capable of doing in terms of maintenance and repairs that might be needed. We will try and rectify these issues when we can, but it might be necessary in the mean time for allotment associations to come up with short term solutions themselves.

Hopefully this should all be over soon and the sites can be back to normal quickly.

If you have any questions, please email


Thank you

Dan Hayward-Smith

ECC Allotments Manager


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Last updated 23 February 2021