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Scrap metal dealers

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1. Overview

If you are applying for a scrap metal dealers licence then please submit your application on the following page with the fee.

Under the 2013 Act there are two types of licence required for scrap metal dealing, a site licence and a collectors licence both types are valid for 3 years.

Site licence

The site licence requires all of the sites at which the licensee carries on the business as a scrap metal dealer within the Local Authority area to be identified; a site manager to be appointed at each site.  The site licence permits the scrap metal dealer to operate from those sites. 

Collectors licence

A Collectors Licence permits the licence holder to operate as a mobile collector in the area of the issuing Local Authority. This includes commercial and domestic scrap metal.  The collectors licence does not permit the itinerant collector to collect from any other Local Authority area.  A separate licence should be obtained from each Local Authority from which the licence holder wishes to collect in.  A collectors licence will not permit a licence holder to carry on the business of scrap metal dealing at a site within any area.  If a itinerant collector wants to use a fixed site, they will need to obtain a site licence from the appropriate Local Authority. 

Your tax responsibilities

You must provide information to the Local authority of your tax responsibilities. Please read our guidance on confirming your tax responsibilities.