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Evaluation and impact

Project leaders will be expected to give evaluation feedback within one month of the completion of the project, including pictures and any other information asked for. This will be given to you with your Project Agreement. We can walk you through it once your project is complete. This helps us promote projects and evidence their success or any learning.

The following will need to be provided for each project:

  • Project Purpose – what the applicants set out to achieve
  • Outcomes – what happened as a result of the project and what was achieved
  • How applicants spent the money – what you spent the money on
  • What went well
  • What applicants would do differently next time
  • Top tips for other groups thinking about doing a similar project

Project leaders may be asked to review the project via telephone interviews or case studies, part way through and asked to give feedback on the progress of the project.

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Last updated 12 November 2020