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See the latest information and advice in Exeter. We are closely monitoring the situation and working with the government and NHS, who are well prepared to deal with this virus.

Tips for a successful application

You will be able to get support from Move More Cranbrook to apply for this fund. If your group is just starting out and doesn't have a bank account they can help you with alternative options. We want to support all good ideas that fit with the priority aims, so don’t be put off. We want to find a way to support your idea!

Make sure your project is as accessible as possible and encourage diverse participants. For example, is there wheelchair access at the venue, or support for people with learning difficulties to join in? Ensure you make your project as accessible as possible.


Project aims

Be really clear about what you are trying to do for your community. Tell us your story: what you want to achieve, why this is important and how you will use the funds raised.

Tell us how your project meets the three priority aims, it may be more than one:

  • Get people active
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Support people working together to address local needs

Have a think about what the impact of your work will be, what difference will it make to your community? Consider:

  • What needs to change and why?
  • What will you do to make this change?
  • How do you know this will create the change you want?
  • What will you look at and measure to see if your change has worked?


Project cost

This grants scheme can fund up to 80% of the total needed for a project. To help decide how much the total project cost is, volunteer time can be considered. So, volunteers offering their time can contribute to the other 20% (or more) of the total project cost.

We value a volunteering hour at £10. Applicants will need to estimate the amount of volunteer time that their project will involve. For example, if there are four volunteers each giving five hours to help support a project, then 4 x 5 = 20 hours. At £10 per hour that counts as a £200 contribution to the project.

There is also support available from Move More Cranbrook, who can link you with other local people who may be interested in working with you.


Demonstrating community support for your project

You can demonstrate community support by showing that you have consulted and engaged with your target community through things like surveys or pictures of community engagement. Provide details of this engagement and the range of responses you have received. You don’t have to provide us with people’s personal details for this.

For example: How many people have you discussed the project with and how did you do this?

Perhaps you carried out a street survey, doorstep or school gate chats with your neighbours, social media group chats, phone calls or a picnic in the park. Pretty much anything goes! If you have photos, screenshots, letters or postcards with comments from your community this evidence really helps to show potential funders that you are engaging and involving the community in your plans.


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Last updated 23 October 2020