Vehicle applications and renewals

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2. Vehicle renewals

How to renew a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle licence.

All licensed vehicles are renewed on an annual basis. Applicants may not renew their vehicles more than 14 days prior to the licence expiry date.

Application form

Please bring the following

  • completed application form
  • licence fee (see below)
  • an MOT certificate that is not more than 3 months old on the day of your appointment
  • an insurance certificate that covers your vehicle for the day your new licence will commence and also covers the vehicle under the terms of a hackney carriage/private hire licence
  • the V5 registration document in the registered keeper's name and current address

Please contact us on 01392 265702 to book an appointment.  

Fees and charges:
Hackney carriage vehicle licence: £350.00
Private hire vehicle licence: £270.00

Customer satisfaction survey

Please take the time to complete our customer satisfaction survey.  Once completed please email it to