Community infrastructure levy (CIL)

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6. Spending CIL

We have produced a list of CIL funded infrastructure projects, as required by CIL Regulation 123. This list (known as the "Regulation 123 list") sets out all those infrastructure projects and types of infrastructure that will no longer be funded through developer contributions under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, but instead are to be delivered through CIL, either in whole or in part with other appropriate funding arrangements.

CIL received by us will be allocated in the following approximate proportions:

  • 15% for neighbourhood funding (see below)
  • 8% for mitigating the recreational impacts arising from new development on European protected habitats (Exe Estuary, Pebblebed heaths, and Dawlish Warren)
  • 72% for major infrastructure, including roads and schools
  • 5% for the costs of administering CIL

Neighbourhood funding

We are expected by government to engage local communities on the use of at least 15% of CIL receipts. In February 2015, our Executive agreed that a strategy should be prepared for a 5 year horizon, setting out what investments or programmes would best address the demands imposed by new development, and when.

Community groups have been encouraged to work with each other, and to collectively appoint a consultant to develop and implement the strategy.

More information

For more details of how it is proposed to allocate CIL, see: