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Interruptions due to an extreme event

You can check for real time information on roads where collections have been suspended.

During an epidemic or pandemic it is likely that we will be unable to provide the normal  level of waste collection services due to staff sickness. Also when there are extreme weather conditions such as flooding or snow it is very difficult, and sometimes too dangerous, for our heavy vehicles and crews to access certain parts of the City. Roads that are especially steep, in low dips or very narrow may be particularly affected.

In these extreme conditions residents should continue to put their waste out on their scheduled collection days and the Council will make every effort to collect the waste on collection days.

In the case of collections not made on scheduled collection days, please take your waste back onto your property until the next planned collection date. You can use our online form to find out when your bin is collected.

On your next scheduled collection date our crews will remove any extra rubbish or recycling that you present at your normal collection point.

  • Additional rubbish should be put in a securely tied sack.
  • Additional recycling should be put it in a securely tied sack, with a label on the sack with the first line of your address and the word 'recycling'.

Storing and reducing your rubbish

  • Wrap food waste in newspaper
  • Double wrap soiled nappies
  • Compost as much food waste as possible, eg vegetable peelings
  • Store bins/bags in a garage or shed, or in the shade where possible
  • Try to reduce food waste by watching portions and using left-over food

Storing your recycling

  • Flatten plastic bottles, cans and boxes and stack plastic containers inside each other
  • To reduce smells, make sure all recycling containers are clean and dry before storing them


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Last updated 5 March 2021