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Five reasons to relocate to Exeter

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3. Potential for growth

With significant planned economic and retail developments and increased availability of employment land, the Exeter economy is in a strong market position to grow further.

Research commissioned by BBC (The BBC Local Growth Research, by Experian) and published in March 2012 showed Exeter to be in the top 10 local authority districts in England for businesses that show high potential for growth.  The research found that nearly 1,000 companies, out of 7,345 in the area, showed high growth potential concluding that Exeter as a location was 'among the best for new firms'.


Exeter Business Innovation Centre, a base for over 50 firms in the city, is host to some of the most upwardly mobile small firms in the country.

The Innovation Centre offers advice and help through mentors, but firms on the site can also tap into assistance from the University of Exeter and other universities in the region through the Setsquared initiative, which works like a club for companies to share information.

Good potential employees

Our economy continues to attract investment, create new businesses, support and grow existing businesses and draw in high calibre employees.

The close proximity of specialists means that businesses have good access to the expertise needed for research and development. In particular, the University of Exeter has strengths in Medical Healthcare, Engineering, IT/multi-media and Bio-Technology.  Exeter College has bespoke centres to train up local young people in specialist fields.  Their Technology Centre located in the city offers courses in engineering and aerospace. Aerospace students also benefit from a partnership with the Flybe Academy.  Exeter College has a Centre for Creative Industries (CCI) for Art and Design and Media and Performing Arts courses, and a new Maths and Science Centre which opened in September 2015.