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Bank holiday bin collections

All bin collections following a bank holiday will take place 1 day late from 27 May to 1 June. See our Bank holiday bin collection page for further details.

Electoral services

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2. How to vote

When an election takes place, poll cards are dispatched to every person on the register who is entitled to vote either at a polling station, by post or have a proxy arrangement.

If you are voting in person or have a proxy, the poll card will tell you where your polling station is situated, the hours that it is open and the date of the election. Once inside the polling station you or your proxy should show the poll card to the staff or if you have not got your poll card, tell them your name and address.

The Poll Clerk will then hand you a ballot paper which will say how many candidates you can vote for. In most cases you can only vote for one candidate.

Take the ballot paper to one of the polling booths and mark a cross in the box next to the candidate(s) you want to support. You should then fold the ballot paper once and place it in the ballot box.

When all of the polling stations have closed, the ballot boxes are taken to the count location where the ballot papers are counted. The result is then announced by the Returning Officer.