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2. Direct Debit

Your regular payment of Council Tax, Business Rates or Housing Rent can be paid in this way. This is the most cost effective method for the council, spreads the cost for you and avoids you falling into arrears.

The easiest way to set up a Direct Debit with us is to provide us with your details online:

Direct Debit bank instructions (mandates)

Council Tax
Please phone 01392 265635 for a mandate.

Business Rates
Please phone 01392 265559 for a mandate

Housing Rents
Please use the  Direct Debit Mandate [49kb] form which can then be printed out, completed and then returned to us in the post..

Other services
 Please phone 01392 265271 for a mandate for:

  • Home call alarms
  • Service charge & Ground rent
  • River & Canals
  • Trade Waste.