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Energy grants for your home

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3. Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery

Sustainable Warmth 2022-2023

The Sustainable Warmth Fund is a Government fund led by Devon County Council which offers eligible householders the chance to improve the warmth and energy efficiency of their homes by ‘retrofitting’ them.


What is ‘retrofitting’?

‘Retrofitting’ is work carried out to improve an existing building by making it more energy efficient by taking a whole-house approach to identifying the most impactful and cost-effective measures. When completed properly, these changes can make your home warmer, easier to heat, healthier for your family and for the environment.

Improvements will also reduce energy bills and lower a home’s carbon emissions.


Am I eligible?

The scheme is available to residents who have an annual combined household income of less than £30,000 and whose homes have an energy Performance Certificate rating of E, F or G. You can find your home’s energy Performance Certificate online.


If you are a homeowner, and live in that property, you can access funding to cover 100 per cent of costs to retrofit your home (up to a cap). Tenants of rented properties can also apply for grants up to a cap, with the landlord expected to contribute at least one third towards the cost of the work.


Upgrades could include underfloor and solid floor insulation; insulation to cavity, external and internal walls, and lofts; double glazing, draught proofing, ventilation solar panels and heat pumps.


If you qualify, your home will have to be assessed to determine which energy efficiency measures could be installed. The options will then be discussed with you before a final decision is reached.


How do I apply?

If you’re struggling to keep your home warm and you think you might be eligible, contact Exeter Community Energy on 0800 772 3617 or use their online referral form.