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What if I can't pay my rent

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1. Helpful information

If you are having a problem paying your rent for whatever reason, contact the Payments and Collection team straight away, we will be able to help you with a payment plan.

Phone us on 01392 265475

Or contact us online.

We will be able to help you sort out your rent payments and give you advice on whom to contact for further debt advice if you need it.

Not paying your rent puts your home at risk. If your rent is not paid, the money owed is called rent arrears.

Rent arrears are priority debt. This means that the consequences of not dealing with them are serious.

We accept that from time to time things happen and people find themselves temporarily unable to pay their rent either because of an unexpected bill or temporary loss of income, for example due to illness. When this happens it is important that you contact us immediately as the situation could be resolved easily by making an agreement with you.

It is always good to take a closer look at your finances. You could do this by looking at what money you have coming in, what you are spending, and where you might be able to cut costs. Planning a budget can really help you in taking control of your finances and getting your finances back on track. If you think it might help to look at your budget yourself you can use this online benefit and budget calculator.

Whatever the reason for your arrears by acting quickly, you are showing a commitment to paying your rent and the legal action we can take to collect arrears may not be needed.

Please remember that if you are on a low income, you may be entitled to Universal Credit or Housing Benefit.