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Report Ash dieback

Ash dieback

Ash dieback is a serious disease caused by a fungus which kills Ash trees.

Use this form to tell us about a tree or trees that you suspect are suffering from the disease. We will need you to pinpoint the location of the tree on a map and to upload photographs of the tree and the tree location to help us find the tree you are reporting

This form is only for reporting Ash dieback on Exeter City Council land. See our information pages for dealing with trees on private land or on highways.

If you are reporting an issue with trees, other than Ash dieback, use our Report an issue with a tree form instead.

Start the journey


More info about the journey

  • Take photos of the tree and the surrounding area for uploading on to the form
  • Our inspectors will pay a visit to the site to inspect the tree and decide the best course of action
  • Using the form is the best way to report the suspect tree as you will be providing us with photos and showing us the exact location on a map

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Last updated 3 May 2019