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Bank holiday bin collections

All bin collections following a bank holiday will take place 1 day late from 27 May to 1 June. See our Bank holiday bin collection page for further details.

Assets of Community Value

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4. The list of assets

View the list

Here you can download the List of Assets of Community Value, including details of unsuccessful nominations.

You can also view a copy of the list at the Civic Centre.

You can request a free copy of either list using the contact details on the right. Please note that you will only be entitled to one free copy of a particular version of the list.  

What happens when an asset is listed?

Following the listing of a building or other land, nothing will happen until an owner wants to dispose of one of the following interests in it:-

  • the freehold interest, with vacant possession;
  • a leasehold interest with vacant possession, whether by grant or assignment of a lease, where the original term is or was at least 25 years.

In the above cases the Council must be notified in writing that the owner wishes to dispose of the land. The Council will then notify the group which originally nominated the asset for inclusion on the list, as well as publicising within its area the fact that it has received notice of the intended disposal of a listed asset. This triggers the various moratorium periods.

There are certain exceptions, for example:-

  • a gift of the asset;
  • transmission of the asset under the terms of a will or intestacy; or to raise money to satisfy other entitlement under the will or intestacy, or to pay the deceased person's debts, taxes, or costs of administering the estate;
  • transfer between family members, defined for these purposes as spouses or civil partners, or persons descended from the same grandparents (including relationships by marriage);
  • a disposal with other land;
  • a person joining or leaving a partnership;
  • under the terms of a trust.

There are various other exceptions in Schedule 3 to the Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012. The owner is explicitly allowed to dispose of the land to a community interest group.