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Application Terms and conditions

  • Applications will be made online through Exeter City Council’s website: the application process will be easy to access. Move More Cranbrook personnel can assist you with this if needed.
  • Projects must tie in with the three priority aims to be approved.
  • There must be some evidence of community support for the project. This might evidence of speaking to friends, neighbours or the wider community who may be taking part in the project.
  • Funding can only be sent to bank accounts in the name of the organisation/group set out in the Application Form. If you require support managing funds, we can direct you to a Cranbrook organisation who can help with this.
  • Applications will need to be supported by copies of appropriate policies. For example a Safeguarding Policy if the project works with children or vulnerable people, public liability insurance, Equality and Diversity Policy, and Health and Safety Policy; all which are up-to-date and comply with current legislation. If you don't have the required policies in place, please contact Move More Cranbrook for support. We’ll give you more information and support on this if we see that your project needs certain policies.
  • Successful applicants will be required to give feedback about the project. We’ll walk you through this process. It’s important for us to show how monies have been spent and collecting this information can help us gather evidence for securing future funding.
  • Invoices and receipts should be kept for the year of the project delivery for auditing purposes, should this be requested.
  • Awards will be for a maximum £3,000. We will prioritise applications that can show sustainability.
  • Projects should acknowledge the Move More Cranbrook Community Grants Fund and Live and Move in project publicity material. We’ll give you the logos for this.
  • Applicants agree that Live and Move have the right to share information that applicants have provided in public reports and publicity material. You will have the chance to choose which information or images are OK for public sharing.
  • In order to be eligible to receive the Grant, applicants must be 18 years or over.
  • A full list of Terms & Conditions will be sent to the Recipient on Acceptance of the Grant.


All grant applicants will need to confirm that they understand:

  • Funds must only be spent as detailed in the project Application From
  • Funds cannot be allocated to individuals or private/for profit enterprises
  • Funds cannot be allocated retrospectively
  • Funds not spent must be returned to the Move More Cranbrook Community Grants Fund
  • Repayment of the fund can be required at the sole discretion of Exeter City Council if an applicant supplies false information or the funds are not spent within 12 months
  • This grant fund is intended for one-off support and won’t be awarded for projects that require ongoing funding. For example, an application from a group providing ongoing activities, that wants extra funding to cover some expenses will not be accepted
  • There is no right of appeal against funding decisions


We are UNABLE to fund:

  • Grant-making organisations
  • We are unable fund a project more than once, although we will accept applications from organisations that are holding funds on behalf of a number of smaller local projects
  • Large projects where a small grant would not make a significant difference
  • National or regional charities, unless there is a local branch with its own management committee and bank account
  • Overseas travel
  • Promotion of political or religious beliefs, though we are happy to fund non-religious and non-political projects run by community worship groups, for example
    • Sponsorship and/or fundraising events
    • Statutory bodies eg health services or local councils
    • Schools/colleges/universities: internal or curriculum-based projects would not be eligible but projects that are outward- and community-facing might be eligible 


When this content has been updated

Last updated 13 June 2023