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Exeter Plan - Issues Consultation (Closed)

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6. Reviewing the pattern of development

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Some of this development strategy will need to be looked at again to reflect that times have changed. For example, there are more limited opportunities for large scale urban extensions now given that the developments at Newcourt and Monkerton are nearly complete. We are also now looking at the key regeneration benefits which development on brownfield sites can provide.

This evolving situation has led the Council to start a housing delivery programme called Liveable Exeter. This will create new homes for the city through a series of eight, high quality development sites. On the back of this work, Exeter has been recognised as a ‘Garden Community’ which brings support from Government to make sure that the city grows in a sustainable way with a real focus on high quality development working well for local communities. This approach will play a key part in steering the pattern and quality of development for the city in future. Some potential ideas which could be used to shape a future development strategy for Exeter are set out below.


Ideas which could shape the future pattern of development in the city

  • Development of brownfield land in the city
  • Higher density development in the city centre and close by
  • Smaller developments on the edge of the city
  • Steering development away from sensitive environmental areas such as the Exe Estuary and hills to the north and north west of the city
  • Locating development to maximise walking and cycling and to make use of public transport


Question 4: Do you have any comments on the ideas which could shape the future pattern of development in Exeter?

This consultation has now closed.


Ideas which could shape the future quality of development in the city

These are sometimes called ‘Garden City principles’

  • Build distinctive development with local identity
  • Ensure well-designed, vibrant places with a mixture of uses
  • Support healthy lifestyles
  • Provide a variety of high quality and flexible homes
  • Deliver appropriately designed infrastructure when it’s needed
  • Provide developments for local employment, education and skills
  • Enhance the natural and historic environment
  • Provide green infrastructure such parks and open space
  • Ensure that development will produce ‘net zero’ carbon emissions
  • Deliver high quality active travel and low carbon transport
  • Make sure that development is resilient to future change


Question 5: Do you have any comments on the ideas which could shape the future quality of development in Exeter?

 This consultation has now closed.