Brownfield Land Register

The Government requires all Councils to hold a Brownfield Land Register. The Register is intended to help housebuilders quickly identify brownfield sites in Exeter that are deliverable for housing development, with the aim of speeding up and maximising the construction of new homes built.

All sites included on the register have been assessed as meeting the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) definition of previously developed land (brownfield land).

Status of sites

The Brownfield Land Register does not affect the status of sites that already have planning permission or are allocated for development in Exeter Local Plan First Review 1995-2011, the adopted Exeter Core Strategy 2006-2026, or the St James Neighbourhood Plan.

The inclusion sites in the Brownfield Land Register does not give them any formal status, or grant permission in principle. Planning applications on these sites will be considered on their merits in accordance with the local plan, national policy and any other material considerations.

The Brownfield Land Register will be reviewed annually.   


The Brownfield Land Register is available to download and location plans for each site are available to view onlne here.

Further enquiries

If you have further questions about the Brownfield Land Register please email or telephone 01392 265283 

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Last updated 20 May 2019