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Exeter Grants Programme

Exeter Grants Programme

Grant support for community groups and organisations to work on local projects that help make Exeter such a great place to live.

The Exeter Grants Programme aims to support groups and organisations to use their passion, skills, experience and knowledge to work together to make a difference in their community and create change by supporting projects that:

  • Help people to help themselves and each other
  • Build on the strengths of people and communities
  • Connect people and organisations within and across communities

The Exeter Grants Programme will support projects that have a focus on one or more of our 7 priority themes which are to:

  1. Address Inequalities 
  2. Improve Health and Wellbeing 
  3. Get People Active 
  4. Support Communities Working Together to Address Local Needs 
  5. Encourage Volunteering 
  6. Improve Where We Live
  7. Support community-based arts and cultural activities

Please Note: Warm Spaces Grants, Community Buildings Funds, Small Grants Funds and Large Grants Fund are fully subscribed. In the meantime, we encourage applications for any ward based project to apply for a Ward grant.

If you need further support to find more external funding sources, please contact Exeter Connect. Exeter Connect offers the support of experienced Development Workers who can provide advice and support in making successful grant applications. They can help to ensure that you have the policies you need and evidence to support your application, as well as helping new groups to become constituted. They are also able to hold small funds for one-off projects or new groups who do not have their own bank account.

Please note- We will share grant applications with Exeter Connect in case they can offer any support either to the grants team at the council or to the applicant with any aspect of your application.  Please make contact with Exeter Connect for any information in preparing your application.


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Last updated 26 July 2023