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Key priority: Address Inequalities

A priority for funding will be for organisations that address inequalities and promote inclusion of those residents and communities within protected characteristic groups, also those that demonstrate greatest impact against local need for example addressing issues faced in priority neighbourhoods such as digital exclusion.

We would like to see ideas for projects that help people to improve and promote wellbeing  and address any challenges that people may face. These funds are to support community groups to develop resources that are important to their lives.

Examples of projects that could be funded under this priority

Family focused play, arts and cultural events – where people from your local community can meet and share skills to explore new activities with a focus on inclusion.

Digital Inclusion projects – where people who don’t have their own equipment or need help to make more use of their IT can get the help and support to access information at the same time as meeting others and having fun!

Projects that have been supported that focus on addressing inequalities

Respect Festival - Exeter’s annual celebration of diversity at Belmont Park where the organisers use the performing and creative arts to engage the wider community in saying no to racism and all forms of prejudice. 

Inclusive Exeter Drop-In Support Service – A community project for people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities providing assistance with form filling like benefits, housing and job applications, as well as IT support. The project is for BAME communities, who often face barriers like language, limited familiarity of local services and No Recourse to Public Funds.

Exeter Otters Wheelchair Basketball Club – A basketball club that enables wheelchair users and others to have the opportunity to play and enjoy wheelchair basketball, keep fit and meet others.

The Club – A group in St Thomas was awarded a grant to buy a laptop and printer where volunteers can support people with their upcoming benefits reviews and ongoing applications. The group runs a community hub helping to reduce social isolation for adults with ongoing and severe mental health difficulties. 



Our other key priorities

  1. Address Inequalities 
  2. Improve Health and Wellbeing 
  3. Get People Active 
  4. Support Communities Working Together to Address Local Needs 
  5. Encourage Volunteering 
  6. Improve Where We Live
  7. Support community-based arts and cultural activities
  8. Promote Digital Inclusion

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Last updated 29 May 2024