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2. Main responsibilities under the lease

This table sets out the main responsibilities of you (the leaseholder) and us (your landlord).

We charge you for carrying out our responsibilities; this is part of your service charge.

You should check your individual lease for full details of rights and responsibilities. This table is only a guide.

Main responsibilities under the lease
What we must doWhat you must do
Keep the main structure and outside of your home in good condition. This includes the roof, gutters and rainwater down pipes, window frames, communal doors, outside walls and foundations. Keep your home, including all fixtures and fittings, water, gas, electrical, window glass, tanks, pipes and wires in good condition.
Keep shared water tanks, mains water and sewage drains, lifts (where installed), door entry systems and shared TV aerials (where installed) in good condition. Pay your service charge bill within the time we set and pay towards major repairs and/or improvements to your block.
Keep communal gas and water supplies to your home in good condition. Allow us, if required, into your home to carry out emergency repairs or repairs to shared services or our neighbouring properties. You will have to pay for any repairs which are your responsibility but which we carry out on your behalf.
Insure the building (but not your personal possessions). Get our permission in writing before you make any alterations to the structure or appearance of your home.
Decorate the outside of the building and or common areas inside the building. Give us written notice if you are going to sublet your home. You must pay a registration fee for this.
Rebuild the building if it is destroyed by fire or any other insured risk. Ensure that you, or anybody living in, or visiting, your home does not cause a nuisance to your neighbours.