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4. General repairs

When you buy a leasehold property you will have to pay your share of the repairs and improvements we carry out on communal areas. Under the terms of your lease you are obliged to contribute to the cost of the repair of the whole block or building in which your flat is situated, as well as to your own individual flat.

Generally, we are responsible for maintaining and repairing the structure and outside of your property and any communal areas. You are responsible for the inside of your home including the fixtures and fittings.

If you are uncertain about whether you are responsible for a particular repair you should contact the housing repairs team online. If we carry out a repair for you that is your responsibility you may be recharged for the costs of the repair.

Repairs we're responsible for

  • communal areas (doors, windows, stairs, lights, floors ceilings)
  • shared communal washing lines and posts
  • door entry
  • window frames and catches/lock
  • shared pipes, drains and sewers
  • shared paths
  • exterior walls of block and roof
  • boundary walls of gardens (only where adjoining a public footpath)
  • ceiling beams and floor joists within individual flats
  • window seals on uPVC units
  • communal side screen doors/gates to access rear gardens
  • electricity and water supply to communal areas
  • bin stores

You can report a fault or problem to the housing repairs team using the instructions on our Request a repair page.

Repairs you're responsible for

  • door locks and other door furniture
  • front door and frame leading directly inside flat and internal doors
  • shed doors
  • sheds/outhouses
  • individual side screen doors/gates to access private garden
  • any repairs and maintenance to boundary fence/wall of garden sold to flat (except where adjoining a public footpath)
  • any area between floor and ceiling level in a flat (including actual floor and ceiling)
  • individual washing lines sold to flat (line and post variety)
  • any sole electrical and gas supply to the individual flat
  • any cisterns, sewers, drains, pipes, wires and conduits used solely by the flat
  • any window glass
  • external cupboard doors