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Professionals only – Referring your client

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1. Professionals only - Who can make a referral?

If you are homeless or in danger of being made homeless, please contact us for housing advice.

The information below and on the following pages is for service providers. A list of main service providers is detailed on the next page.

As of 1st October 2018, there is a legal requirement for many public services to refer its service users if:

  • they are homeless or;
  • they are threatened with homelessness and;
  • agree to the referral

This is called Duty to Refer.

The Duty to Refer only applies to certain public services. However we encourage any service providers to use our online form to refer service users for housing advice and assistance who are currently vulnerably housed. Please see our Duty to Refer Protocol.

Public services must allow the service user to advise which local authority they would like to be referred to. The service user must be advised of how local connection is defined before the referral is made.

Please note that submitting a duty to refer does not trigger a homeless application for the individual being referred. An application will only be triggered once we have made contact with the individual and received their confirmation that they want to make an application for housing advice and assistance.