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Building regulation approval

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1. What needs building regulation approval?

If you're building something new or making changes to an existing building, you may need building regulation approval to check the work you're doing meets certain safety and environmental standards. The building regulations impose minimum standards for building work that you are required by law to meet. 

You will probably need building regulation approval for: 

  • a new building
  • an extension
  • a loft conversion
  • alterations to the structure of a building
  • home improvements like a new boiler, radiators, bathroom, fuse box, electrics, windows, doors, and roofing 

Check what needs building regulation approval and what type of application you need.

Contact us to book an inspection or talk to a building control surveyor for advice.

If you intend to carry out building work that is covered by building regulations you must tell us about the changes and make sure the work meets the regulations.

It is against the law not to tell us about changes you plan to make, and if you don't let us know you might have to correct the work or pay a fine.

There is some work you can do without telling us if it is done by a competent persons scheme installer

There are also exemptions which may apply, which you may not need approval. You can find information on these exemptions from building regulations on the Planning Portal.

Exemptions may include:

Class VI – Small detached buildings

1. A detached single storey building, having a floor area which does not exceed 30m2, which contains no sleeping accommodation and is a building

a. no point of which is less than one metre from the boundary or

b. which is constructed of substantially non-combustible material

2. A detached building, having a floor area which does not exceed 15m2, which contains no sleeping accommodation

Class VII – Extensions

The extension of a building by the addition at ground level of:

a. a conservatory, porch or covered yard or covered way or

b. a carport open on at least 2 sides

c. where the floor area of that extension does not exceed 30m2, provided that in the case of a conservatory or porch which is wholly or partly glazed, the glazing satisfies the requirements of Part N of Schedule 1