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Bank holiday bin collections

All bin collections following a bank holiday will take place 1 day late from 27 May to 1 June. See our Bank holiday bin collection page for further details.

Council data

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2. Information for suppliers

If you provide us with goods or services and you do not want your name or company name published, you should place your objection in writing and send it to

Your objection should be received within 14 days of receiving payment from us, and you should clearly state the reasons why you are objecting to your details being published.

If you are objecting on the grounds that the information is personal, you will need to show how it is causing you unwarranted and substantial damage or distress. In most cases substantial damage would be financial loss or physical harm; and substantial distress would be a level of upset, or emotional or mental pain, that goes beyond annoyance or irritation, strong dislike, or a feeling that the processing is morally abhorrent. 

If you are objecting on the grounds that the information is commercially sensitive then you should outline in as much detail as possible why you feel your commercial interests may be affected if the information is published. You may wish to refer to the Commercial Interests Guidance which the Information Commissioner's Office has produced, which provides details of when information can be redacted if it is commercially sensitive.

Information will not automatically be withheld unless there are clear legal grounds to do so. 

We will consider and respond to objections within 21 days of receipt. In our response we will state what we intend to do, and if we intend not to comply with the objection in some way, we will give reasons for our decision.