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17. Redaction Policy

[to redact = to edit, or prepare for publishing]



In accordance with the Government’s commitment to greater transparency of public information, we will publish the following information:

  • The salaries paid to our senior management
  • The extent of the organisation's establishment
  • Items of spending over £250

Although we will make every effort to release as much information as possible, some information such as personal, commercially sensitive and confidential information will not be disclosed. This is to ensure that we comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act, the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations.


What information will we withhold?

Spend over £250

The personal details of individuals receiving payments from the Council will be removed from the list on the basis that the information constitutes personal data.

Commercially sensitive information may also be excluded where an organisation has, exceptionally, made an acceptable case for non-disclosure.

For transparency reasons, any information which has been withheld will be replaced with the words ‘REDACTED PERSONAL DATA’ or ‘REDACTED COMMERCIAL CONFIDENTIALITY’.

Senior salary information

Our senior management have a right to object to the publication of their salary data, particularly where they feel that unwarranted damage or distress may be caused. Where we have found an objection to be justified we will not publish information in relation to either the individual or the post.

For transparency reasons, we will provide information on the number of people whose information has been withheld.


Further information

If you would like any further information regarding this policy please contact our Data Protection Officer.