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The Lord Mayor of Exeter

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5. Being the Lord Mayor's Charity

The Lord Mayor chooses one charity, which he/she supports for their Mayoral Year (May to May). On average anything between £15,000 - £25,000 is raised depending on how proactive the charity is, however any money raised through the year should be spent locally if possible.

Any money collected or donated during the year goes to that particular charity and is released once the Mayoral year is over (usually round the end of June).

Please note that the Lord Mayor’s reasons for choosing a charity is to help and support the charity to raise awareness for their worthy cause and in the process raise funds.

The Lord Mayor’s Office do arrange a few fundraising events during the Mayoral Year and whilst support will be available from the Lord Mayor’s Office, it is not their prime role and responsibility to fund-raise. This responsibility still lies with the charity.

The Historic Guildhall will be offered free of charge to the charity to hold their own events four times during the Mayoral year, dependant on the availability of the Guildhall. The charity are more than welcome to hold events where they can raise money and awareness or even if they wish to hold any meetings like their Annual General Meeting, conferences, dinners etc.

The charity are also asked to provide volunteers to help with a number of Mayoral Events. Please see list below a rough guide of some of the event and the numbers required.

Volunteers At Mayoral Events
EventNumber of volunteers
Lord Mayor's Coffee Morning (once a month) Minimum 5
Christmas with the Lord Mayor bucket collection Minimum of 10
Exeter City Football Club bucket collection Maximum of 20 (we can assist with some numbers)
Simpkins Edwards Really Big Quiz Maximum of 12


Where possible the Lord Mayor’s Office will also assist in publishing your events on the Lord Mayor’s Social Media Accounts and where possible also on the Exeter City Council Social Media Accounts.

The Lord Mayor, if available, will also attend your events to help raise awareness and to give their support.

Being the Lord Mayor's Charity is a lot of work, but it is worth it. This is usually a once in a life time experience that not every charity has the opportunity to experience.