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Report a council housing fault or repair

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1. What you can expect from us

To report a repair, please use the online reporting system or call the repairs department by dialling 01392 265031.

When you contact us to request a repair we will:

  • check your contact details
  • confirm repair details
  • treat you with courtesy
  • offer appointments for non-emergency work that will be either a morning, afternoon or avoiding the school run
  • protect you and your home by making sure the contractors work carefully and safely
  • respect you and your home while the work is taking place keeping disruption to a minimum
  • post inspect a minimum of 10% of all repair works
  • ensure that everyone visiting your home has identification


Depending on the type of work we will apply these timescales:

  • Emergency work to be attended to and made safe within two hours. The time starts when the Client/the Service Provider receives notification of the emergency repair and ends when the job has been made safe. Any follow up work required will be issued with a new order with the target response times for the appropriate category of repair
  • Routine maintenance to be completed within 28 working days. All works which are not an emergency will be appointed at a convenient time to the resident with an overall target maximum completion of 10 days


We are responsible for:

  • general maintenance and repair of the structure of the property (including roofs, drains, gutters and pipes)
  • entrance doors, hallways, stairwells, lifts, rubbish chutes, lighting or other parts that are shared by tenants or leaseholders of flats
  • internal repairs to pipes, wiring, heating systems, drainage, and power and light fittings
  • outbuildings, sheds, porches or garages we originally put up (we may remove them rather than repair them)
  • steps and paths that lead from the gate or boundary to the front and back doors


As a tenant you are responsible for:

  • keeping your property clean and in good decorative order inside
  • preventing waste pipes or drains from becoming blocked
  • allowing our contractors into your home to carry out repairs, annual safety checks, and any other necessary inspections
  • repairing and maintaining any fixture, fitting or appliance you have put in including washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers
  • taking action to prevent and control condensation
  • taking action to prevent pipes from freezing or bursting such as by lagging pipes
  • making sure that occupants and visitors to the property do not cause any damage beyond general wear and tear