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6. Employees unable to work due to extreme weather events

Risk Title and Description

Employees unable to work due to extreme weather events.

Service: Net Zero & Business

Date identified: 6 February 2023

Owner: Net Zero Project Manager

Target implementation date: 2030

Potential Causes:

  • Outdoor workers suffering from heat stroke / heat exhaustion / hypothermia / hyperthermia
  • Office spaces overheating or too cold
  • Property owned & leased by the City Council, roofs leaking due to inability to cope with heavy rainfall / snowfall, making space below roof inadequate for working in
  • Disruptions to travel from flooding, heat, heavy rainfall, snow or icy conditions resulting in staff unable to get to work

Potential Impacts:

  • Essential services not being carried out
  • Decrease in work productivity
  • Detrimental to employee physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • Reputational damage & risk
  • Increase in the cost to run the service affected


Existing Mitigations & Control

What has been done to control the risk?

  • Procuring appropriate workwear for outdoor workers
  • Adjusting waste collection programme during extreme heat to be earlier in the day before temperatures rise
  • Postponing waste collection programmes during red alerts for extreme high winds to ensure safety for residents and workers
  • Providing outdoor workers with suncream for use in extreme heat
  • Programme to re-roof buildings identified as vulnerable to heavy rainfall/snowfall
  • Agile and Flexible working for office based employees allows for remote working in adverse weather conditions


Further Mitigations & Controls to be put into place

  • Identify and monitor risks through climate vulnerability and adaptation assessments
  • Build resilience to service disruption
  • Educate employees on risks to physical and mental health of climate impacts



Carbon Literacy training recently provided to the entire Public & Green Spaces team.


Risk scores

Inherent risk
Risk Score
Likelihood 3
Impact 2
Risk score 6


Residual risk
Risk Score
Likelihood 2
Impact 2
Risk score 4


Risk scores explained