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Net zero risk register

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3. Unable to reduce City Council Scope 2 indirect emissions

Risk Title and Description

Unable to reduce City Council Scope 2 indirect emissions from generation of purchased energy.

Service: Net Zero & Business

Date identified: 15 June 2022

Owner: Net Zero Project Manager

Target implementation date: 2030

Potential Causes:

  • Energy efficiency measures fail to drive down consumption as per Scope 1
  • Change in national policy which does not incentivise PV
  • national grid decarbonisation is slower than forecasted
  • carbon savings from self-generation is reduced

Potential Impacts:

  • Potential reduction in national carbon saving from grid decarbonisation
  • Carbon saving of solar PV is outweighed by energy security and financial savings
  • City Council unable to achieve net zero by 2030


Existing Mitigations & Control

What has been done to control the risk?

  • Significant Solar estate installed across the corporate estate, including Water Lane Solar farm and private wire to supply Exton Road
  • Battery storage installed at Solar Farm and Livestock Centre and John Lewis Car Park to increase self-supply
  • LED lighting schemes installed
  • Development of a comprehensive business case presented to support energy saving schemes
  • Further solar PV opportunities identified


Further Mitigations & Controls to be put into place

  • As per Scope 1 further energy saving measure across all buildings required
  • PPA potential and intensive generation, including wind and hydrogen to be investigated
  • Engage w with local public sector bodies to ensure collaborative schemes are explored
  • Keep finance / legal / audit involved with the delivery of the commercial activity as well as energy saving
  • New funding sourced to deliver and implement energy efficient measures to our corporate property estate


Risk scores

Inherent risk
Risk Score
Likelihood 3
Impact 4
Risk score 12


Residual risk
Risk Score
Likelihood 2
Impact 3
Risk score 6


Risk scores explained