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Voter ID - have you got yours?

To vote in the upcoming 4 May Local Elections you will need to show photo ID. To find out more about accepted forms of photo ID, and if you need to apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate, see our Voter ID page.

Pest control

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3. Bed bugs

How do I know if I have an infestation?
The first sign of an infestation are the blood stains found on bed sheets, this could be either from the bites or from crushed bugs. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects and will only feed from the host whilst it is sleeping. The bites caused by the bugs appear as red spots on the skin, which normally appear on the arms, upper body or torso, and cause itching which lasts a few hours. Waste from bed bugs can also be found near their hiding places. The waste consist of eggshells, faecal matter and shed skin.

How do I get rid of them?
As bed bugs tend to hide in various places around the home it is important that a professional pest control officer/company carries out the treatment for successful eradication.


We charge the following for treatment of a bedbug infestation:

Charges are £126.00 for the first room and £77.00 for every additional room.