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4. Booklice

What are psocids?

Psocids are tiny grey or brown insects. They are usually between 1mm - 1.5mm in length, and can only walk, not jump or fly. They can live for up to 6 months, during which time the females may lay up to 100 eggs. The eggs hatch after 11 days into nymphs which become adults after about 15 days. Due to their short life cycle, relatively long adult life and large number of eggs, they can reproduce rapidly, and infestations can occur very quickly.

How do I get rid of them?

Psocids can be controlled with insecticides, but care must be taken not to contaminate your food. If condition for psocids remain after treatment, they can still re-infest. Remove all contaminated food from the cupboards and place in an outside dustbin. You can then clean the affected cupboards with an antibacterial cleaner, dry the cupboards, then lightly spray all joints in the units with a crawling insect spray (an aerosol), not forgetting the outsides where the units adjoin the wall. Ideally we would recommend you seek professional help if you do have an infestation. We can offer a service for the eradication of booklice or psocids, and our pest control officer will be happy to advise.


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