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5. Cockroaches

What do they look like?

Cockroaches are fairly large insects and they can range from 12mm up to around 30mm. They have 2 wings and long antennae.

The German cockroach is brown in colour and is also smaller than the Oriental cockroach, it is able to climb both rough and smooth surfaces. The Oriental cockroach is much larger in size and is dark brown almost blackĀ in colour, it is not able to climb smooth surfaces but can still climb rough surfaces.

Life cycle

The female cockroach produces up to 8 egg cases at monthly intervals. These cases can contain up to 30 eggs and nymphs hatch in 2-4 weeks for German cockroaches and 6-12 weeks for Oriental cockroach. Once the nymphs hatch they will look the same as an adult only smaller.

How do I know if I have an infestation?

You may be aware of a number of egg cases which tend to look like kidney beans and dark brown in colour.


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