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All bin collections following a bank holiday will take place 1 day late from 27 May to 1 June. See our Bank holiday bin collection page for further details.

Pest control

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8. Moths

What attracts them?

Moths are attracted to woollen fabrics, and carpets stained with food, perspiration or urine.

How can I prevent an infestation?

  • wash clothes regularly, and make sure they are clean before replacing them in cupboards and drawers. By┬ádoing this you should also reduce the risk of damage by moths
  • woollen items should be sealed in plastic bags or stored in closed cupboards
  • dispose of contaminated foodstuffs correctly, keeping all food waste tightly sealed in bags or bins
  • thoroughly clean up any spilled foods and regularly clean storage cupboards

How do I get rid of them and stop them coming back?

Treating your carpets with residual insecticides specifically made for this purpose and frequently vacuum clean your carpets, should reduce the risk of infestation. You may find moth grub damage to carpets under heavy furniture, and spraying with the insecticide here every 6 months or so should help. Moth larvae cannot survive in bright lights, so you can air clothes, blankets and easily removable furnishings outside on a sunny day. Give them a good shake or brushing before you put them away again. Ideally we would recommend you seek professional help if you do have an infestation. Our pest control officer will be able to locate the source of the problem and treat as necessary.

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Last updated 31 March 2023