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Pest control

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10. Silverfish

Where do they live?

During the day silverfish tend to hide under loose floor coverings ie lino flooring, skirting boards, behind wallpaper or behind bath panels. During the night they will feed on mould, food particles and paper. Silverfish may also feed on packets of dried food which are stored in damp cupboards. They have also been known to feed on protein rich gums and binding pastes.

Silverfish tend to be attracted to dark damp conditions, they are known to be found in kitchens, bathrooms, larders or in basements.

How do I get rid of them?

Silverfish are harmless and pose no threat to humans. The treatment for silverfish is relatively easy and can be carried out by using a crawling insect spray with a residual effect or alternatively insect powder. These can be administered using a light dusting or coating in affected areas also, keeping dry packet foods in airtight containers will deter infestations in kitchen cupboards. It is not advisable to use the spray or powder on a work surface. Most hardware shops or garden centres will sell these products.

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